Do you charge an unemployment allowance and is planning to set up a business?
Does he know what can Capitalize its unemployment benefit as the Only Payment?
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Is a member of a SCP? Do you know that since 2016 changed its tax regime?
Do you know what alternatives you have: I.R.P.F or income tax?
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Do you find yourself in an irregular situation in Spain?
Do you know what possibilities currently it has for regularization? How and when can it?
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Need work as autonomous? Do you know that is an autonomous TRADE?
Do you know what bonuses can be applied? Can you hire workers?
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¿Modules taxed? In 2016 many activities were excluded and yours?
Do you know if taxed in the right way in 2017? Do you know what your options are?
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Are you planning to be an SL? Do you know that now thanks to being point PAE
it will be very easy, fast and economical constituted by CELMA ASSESSORS?
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Is foreign citizen and want to apply for Spanish nationality?
Do you know how and when you can do?
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CELMA ASSESSORS is a advice online and in personLocated in the district of Les Corts in Barcelona which for more than 25 years provides its professional services helping Companies (SMEs, autonomous and entrepreneurial) and Individuals.

We are expert advisers Employment, Tax and Accounting, Mercantile and Aliens.

Areas of activity

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Labor Advice

We advise and manage all business transactions between the company and its workers applying the law. We mediate and resolve their labor disputes. We process their applications for benefits: INSS, SEPE.


Asesoría Fiscal - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Tax Advice and Accounting

We plan and manage all tax obligations of economic or particular activity in order to reduce their tax burden. Cumplimentamos its accounting processes, official books and annual accounts.


Asesoría Mercantil - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Commercial Advice

We advise on the creation, modification and dissolution of companies; We oversee the drafting of contracts of sale, arras and transfers. Formalized administrative licenses and handle donations and legacies.


Aliens - CELMA ASSESSORS Barcelona

Immigration Advice

We advise and handle any initial or renewal dossier according to the law. We analyze your personal and professional circumstances and those of their families, to provide fair and adequate solution.




Do You Have an Or IDEA BUSINESS PROJECT, but do not know the formalities necessary for its creation and start?

CELMA ASSESSORSSuch as Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE) authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; is responsible for facilitating the creation of new companies, the effective start of its activity and its development through the provision of information, processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing.

CONSULT US! We can help you start your project with the best advice for Safe, fast and very economical.


News and Current affairs

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

COVID-19. Autonomous: Extraordinary Provision of closure.

RDL 8/2020, of March 17, establishes flexibility measures to access the cessation of activity of the self-employed. Requirements: As of 03/14/2020, be affiliated and registered with Social Security. It is not required to have active coverage for cessation of activity. It is not necessary to formulate Baja Censal (Model 036/037) or Baja R.E.T. Self-employed. Be up to date with Social Security obligations, otherwise it will require regularization. No minimum deficiency is required. It may be requested by freelancers of activities suspended by RD 463/2020 and those other activities that have seen their turnover reduced by 75%, the first from 03/19/2020 and the second from 04/01/2020. In both cases, the application period extends until 04/14/2020. It will be paid between the 7th and 10th of each month in a minimum amount of € 501.98.- (€ 671.40.- with dependent children) and a maximum amount of € 1098.09.- (€ 1254.96.- with a dependent child and € 1,411.83.- with +1 dependent child).

Tax Advice, Labor and Immigration - CELMA ASSESSORS Barcelona

COVID-19. Self-responsible displacement certificate under alarm status.

We facilitate the link to the app to generate the certificate self-responsible of the Department of Interior GENCAT can also visit their website where you will find updated information about limiting the freedom of movement of persons because of the duration of the alarm state, as well as those activities subject to the same. The recommendation to carry this document came into effect midnight Sunday to Monday. It also has a very useful FAQs section.

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

COVID-19. Temporary suspension of contracts and temporary reduction in working hours (ERTEs).

RDL 8/2020, of 17 March, establishes in relation to ERTEs activity losses resulting from the COVID-19 will account of force majeure, its processing speeds, coverage is strengthened workers affected by allowing access to the unemployment benefit is lacking although the contribution period and is exempt from paying 75% of the employer's contribution, reaching 100% for firms with fewer than 50 workers, conditional on maintaining employment.

Asesoría Mercantil - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

COVID-19. Suspension procedural deadlines, administrative deadlines and limitation periods and expiration.

RD 463/2020, of March 14, establishes that terms are suspended and the terms provided in the procedural laws for all jurisdictional orders are suspended and interrupted and, guaranteeing the essential services of the Administration of Justice, the CGPJ has also agreed to the suspension of scheduled judicial proceedings. Terms are suspended and deadlines for processing the procedures of public sector entities are interrupted. The statute of limitations and expiration of any actions and rights will be suspended during the period of validity of the state of alarm and, where appropriate, of the extensions that are adopted. The calculation of the deadlines will be resumed when this RD or, where appropriate, the extensions of this expire.