Do you charge an unemployment allowance and is planning to set up a business?
Does he know what can Capitalize its unemployment benefit as the Only Payment?
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Is a member of a SCP? Do you know that since 2016 changed its tax regime?
Do you know what alternatives you have: I.R.P.F or income tax?
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Do you find yourself in an irregular situation in Spain?
Do you know what possibilities currently it has for regularization? How and when can it?
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Need work as autonomous? Do you know that is an autonomous TRADE?
Do you know what bonuses can be applied? Can you hire workers?
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¿Modules taxed? In 2016 many activities were excluded and yours?
Do you know if taxed in the right way in 2017? Do you know what your options are?
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Are you planning to be an SL? Do you know that now thanks to being point PAE
it will be very easy, fast and economical constituted by CELMA ASSESSORS?
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Is foreign citizen and want to apply for Spanish nationality?
Do you know how and when you can do?
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CELMA ASSESSORS is a advice online and in personLocated in the district of Les Corts in Barcelona which for more than 25 years provides its professional services helping Companies (SMEs, autonomous and entrepreneurial) and Individuals.

We are expert advisers Employment, Tax and Accounting, Mercantile and Aliens.

Areas of activity

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Labor Advice

We advise and manage all business transactions between the company and its workers applying the law. We mediate and resolve their labor disputes. We process their applications for benefits: INSS, SEPE.


Asesoría Fiscal - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Tax Advice and Accounting

We plan and manage all tax obligations of economic or particular activity in order to reduce their tax burden. Cumplimentamos its accounting processes, official books and annual accounts.


Asesoría Mercantil - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Commercial Advice

We advise on the creation, modification and dissolution of companies; We oversee the drafting of contracts of sale, arras and transfers. Formalized administrative licenses and handle donations and legacies.


Aliens - CELMA ASSESSORS Barcelona

Immigration Advice

We advise and handle any initial or renewal dossier according to the law. We analyze your personal and professional circumstances and those of their families, to provide fair and adequate solution.




Do You Have an Or IDEA BUSINESS PROJECT, but do not know the formalities necessary for its creation and start?

CELMA ASSESSORSSuch as Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE) authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; is responsible for facilitating the creation of new companies, the effective start of its activity and its development through the provision of information, processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing.

CONSULT US! We can help you start your project with the best advice for Safe, fast and very economical.


News and Current affairs

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

CT invalidation termination clause of work by decreasing contract.

Interesante Sentencia en casación para la unificación de doctrina, STS 14/11/2017 (R. 2954/2015) que cuestiona la aplicación de la cláusula, incorporada en CT Obra, que regula su extinción por reducción del volumen de trabajo al colisionar con el apartado 1.c) del art. 49 ET. Razona la sentencia que el CT suscrito entre las partes establece como causa natural de su extinción un hecho que no se produce, la finalización del encargo y, que pretender hacer valer la cláusula resolutoria pactada choca con el art. 49 ET eludiendo el régimen jurídico propio del despido, objetivo o colectivo, basado en causas organizativas o productivas. Si es de su interés no dude en solicitar más información a nuestro Departamento Laboral.

Asesoría Laboral - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Ictus recognized R.E.E.Hogar work accident.

The TSJ Andalucía interprets the stroke suffered in his time of rest, an employee of domestic household is derived from accident and also adds the statement that the failure to comply with the obligations of membership and contributions by employers ago that they share responsibility for the payment of benefits derived from iT. If you are interested please ask for more information from our Labor Department.

Asesoría Mercantil - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Compensation for termination of the agency contract even on probation.

The ECJ has failed, interpreting Directive 86/653 / EEC, recognizing the commercial agent's right to compensation or compensation for the damage, even after the termination of the agency contract during the trial period. If you are interested please ask for more information from our Commercial Department.

Asesoría Fiscal - Barcelona CELMA ADVISERS

Income Tax: Taxation of the sale of virtual currencies.

La DG.Tributos en CV (V0808-18) establece que la compraventa de monedas virtuales realizada fuera del ámbito de una actividad económica tributará como ganancias o pérdidas patrimoniales según lo establecido por el art. 33.1 de la LIRPF, entendiéndose producida la variación patrimonial en el momento de la entrega con independencia de cuándo se perciba el precio de la venta, sin perjuicio de la aplicación de la regla especial de imputación temporal para operaciones a plazos prevista en el art. 14.2.c) de la LIRPF. Si es de su interés no dude en solicitar más información a nuestro Departamento Fiscal.

Tax Advice, Labor and Immigration - CELMA ASSESSORS Barcelona

Nubiola and 6-8 Hawthorns Office 4.
08028 Barcelona


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