Immigration Advice

Aliens in Barcelona advisory for companies and individuals.

As Immigration Advice headed to you and/or your family, foreign nationals, either in self-interest or as an employer, to advise you on all the existing arrangements to regularize their current situation of residence and/or work, NIE, nationality, approval titles, visas, invitation letters, cancellation of penalties. Fines and penalties. Resources.

Our advisory services Aliens:

Offer advice and file processing, initials and / or renewal of the following Authorizations, including:

  • Request of Nationality.
  • Request of Renewal N.I.E.
  • Request of N.I.E. Community regime and Relatives of Community.
  • Request for Authorization of Temporary Residence Family Reunification.
  • Request Temporary Residence and Employee Authorization.
  • Request Temporary Residence and Self-Employed Authorization.
  • Request for Authorization of Residence and/or Work Exceptional Circumstances:
  • Social Rooting.
  • Labor Rooting.
  • Family Rooting.
  • Request for Authorization of Residence Long Duration/Long Duration EU.
  • Request for Authorization of Residence Visa for Students.
  • Request for Authorization to Work.
  • Request for Return Authorization.
  • Labor Claims.
  • Homologation of Titles.
  • Legalization of Minors.
  • Letters of Invitation.
  • Visa.
  • Cancellation of Penalties.
  • Revocation of Expulsion Orders.
  • Resources against the Administration:
  • Infractions and Sanctions.
  • Internments and Expulsions.
  • Processing, optional, of complementary acts necessary for the correct formulation of the records, between others:
  • Sworn translations and Legalizations of documents.
  • Request:
  • Reports of Housing.
  • Reports of Rooting.
  • Birth Certificates and/or Marriage.
  • Certificates of Registration and/or Coexistence.

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