Tax Advice and Accounting

Accounting & Tax Advice in Barcelona for businesses and individuals.

As Tax Consulting and Accounting, from a global and strategic vision, analyze and anticipate the particular business response or that best meets the needs and demands of our customers, optimizing taxation and minding everything you need to manage your taxes. Externalizaremos whole or in part and in accordance with current legislation your accounting needs.

Our advisory services Tax and Accounting:

Related services here are indicative and not exclusive, please contact us despite the issue that concerns you is not on this list.


  • Advice and Tax Planning: Individual entrepreneur, Revenue Attribution Entities and / or Soc.Mercantiles.
  • Tax Planning and Advice: E.Direct, E.D.Simplified and E.Objective.
  • Tax Advice of the Annual Closure: Deductions and Bonuses.
  • Preparation and presentation of data, payment cards, annual summaries and other tax statements to the State Administration, Regional and Local:
  • Census Declarations.
  • Informative Declarations.
  • Intra-Community Transactions.
  • Payment Letters: VAT, Income Tax, Withholding.
  • Tax Income Individuals and Declaration of Heritage.
  • Declaration of Assets Abroad.
  • Taxation of Non-Residents.
  • Corporate Tax.
  • Hereditary Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts.
  • Inheritance and Donations.
  • IBI, IAE, Municipal Capital Gains.
  • Fees and Public Prices.
  • Clothing of Books of Tax Records.
  • Advice integral for Entrepreneurs.
  • Assistance and management of electronic notifications: NEO, DEH
  • Advice for regulatory Linked Operations.
  • Advice for compliance with the rules of Money Laundering.
  • Advice and Formalization of Claims and Appeals opposite to Administrative Organs and Economic-Administrative Courts.
  • Advice and Representation in proceedings of Management and/or Tax Inspection opposite to State Agencies, Regional and Local.


  • Full or partial Outsourcing of their accounting processes.
  • Advice and preparation on your data, Contabilidades Company, individual entrepreneurs and professionals as NPGC and implementation of sectoral adaptations.
  • Preparation Annual Accounts for their deposit opposite to Mercantile Registry.
  • Preparation and Legalization of Compulsory Official Books.
  • Linked Operations and Obligations of Documentation.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements.
  • Accounting Closure and Consolidation.

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