Employment advice

Barcelona Laboral advice for companies and individuals.

As Labor Advisory are specialists in labor relations between employer and employee, our trial experience together with the continuous study and updating is oriented to provide personalized employment services, with the triple objective of minimizing conflicts, reduce social costs and offer comprehensive advice on the defense of their rights.

Our services Labor Advisory:

Related services here are indicative and not exclusive, please contact us despite the issue that concerns you is not on this list.


  • Management of Registrations, Modifications and Cancellations:
  • Companies: Legal persons and/or Natural persons.
  • Self-Employed and Dependent Self-Employed TRADE.
  • Domestic Employees and others Special Systems.
  • Management of Registrations, Modifications and Cancellations Workers in Social Security.
  • Filling in Books of Visits and Subcontracting. Management R.E.A.


  • Study and preparation of Contracts of employment in all its forms:
  • Permanent, Temporary, Part-Time, Subsidized, Training, Respite, Disabled.
  • Study and preparation of Contracts for Senior Management.

Payrolls, Income Tax and Contribution:

  • Management of Payrolls and Bulletins of Social Security Contribution.
  • Advice and Processing of Postponements Social Security Contributions.
  • Leaves of absence, Reductions Day by Legal Guardian or Care of Major.
  • Maternity, Permanent Disability, Early Retirement.
  • Calculation of Compensation and/or Liquidations.
  • Calculation and Completion of Withholding Income Tax.
  • Processing of Parts of Accident Work.
  • Letters of Dismissal and/or Sanction.


  • Advice and Representation opposite to Labor and Social Security Inspection.
  • Advice and Representation opposite to “Tribunal Laboral de Cataluña”.
  • Advice and Processing of Regulation Records of Employment.
  • Advice and Processing of Creditors’ Contest.
  • Advice and Representation opposite to “CMAC”, Socials Courts and “FOGASA”:
  • Layoff claims: inappropriate, Discipline, Target, ... etc.
  • Claims for Quantity: Debts, Delays, Differences, H.Extras, …etc.
  • Claims for Professional Category and Recognition of Rights.
  • Sanctions claims, Vacations, Work Accidents, ... etc.
  • Labor claims harassment (mobbing) or Sexual
  • Advice and representation in Collective Disputes: Huelgas, ... etc.
  • Advice and Representation in Mediation processes.
  • Management of Resources and Contentious-Administrative Procedures.


  • Advice and Processing of Records INSS Benefits:
  • Permanent Disability: Total, Absolute, and Severe Disability.
  • Retirement: General and Special Regimes.
  • Widowhood, Orphanhood and Aid Death.
  • Judicial Declarations of Unfitness and Disability Records.
  • Advice and Drafting Request Capitalization Provision Unemployment.


  • Preparation and Monitoring of Company Collective Agreements.
  • Advice on Continuing Training: Credit Training.
  • Advice on the Prevention of Labor Risks.
  • Advice on Data Protection.
  • Advice on Immigration.
  • Advice in Socio Labor Audits.

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