commercial advice

Barcelona Mercantile advice for companies and individuals.

As Commercial Advice you will find us beside her advising him even before set up, purchase, transfer or sell, always advising the best option, bringing it together out, registering it, writing many documents before and after are accurate, legalizing licenses and permits, obtaining even the services of other external professionals; in other words, providing you with confidence and security.

Our services Commercial Advisory:

Related services here are indicative and not exclusive, please contact us despite the issue that concerns you is not on this list.

  • Advice for Constitution of Commercial Companies.
  • Advice for Entrepreneurs, are part of the PAE Network.
  • Advice for Creation of Entities in Revenue Attribution System: Civil Societies and Communities of Assets.
  • Advice on Adaptations or Modifications to By-laws:
  • Renewal or Revocation Social Charges.
  • Transfer of Registered Office, Change Social Object.
  • Expansion and/or Social Capital Reduction.
  • Buying and Selling of Actions or Social Shares.
  • Advice for Dissolution and Liquidation of Corporations.
  • Advice in Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Contest.
  • Advice on Foundations, Cooperatives and Labor Societies.
  • Advice on Law of Obligations and Contracts:
  • Leasing of Business Places and/or Dwellings.
  • Transfers of Business and Activity Licenses.
  • Contracts of Pledge, Option to Purchase and Sale.
  • Civil Liability, Contractual and Non-contractual.
  • Registration of Trademarks and Trade Names.
  • Payment in Kind (Mortgage Resolution).
  • Receivables Management and Debt Recovery.
  • Commercial Contracts.
  • Formalizing advice and inheritances, gifts and inheritances
  • Advice for Legalization of Administrative Licenses: Works and Opening.

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