Income Statement and Heritage 2019

CELMA as ASSESSORS Tax Consulting specializes in the processing of the Income Statement and Heritage in Barcelona, ​​also for non-residents.

We will advise you, always on the basis of the information provided and personal circumstances to provide the best possible solution making the most their interests, applying all deductions according to current legislation.

Comfortably, with the minimum number of trips and even without them thanks to the use of new technologies, and with total security you will be able to see your 2019 Income and Heritage Declaration processed and in time.

We offer two different services:

1. Draft Income Check 2019

More often than we might imagine, Income erasers issued by the Tax Agency contain errors whatIn most cases, they lead us to liquidate a share of the real, even in cases entitled to reimbursement accordingly receiving a lower amount; at other times, there are omissions whose responsibility always lies with the contribution because the erasers are not binding and filling it never exempt from further review which may result in the imposition of a financial penalty.

Therefore CELMA recommends ASSESSORS always check before processing any Draft Income, so if you already have a Draft Income 2019 for just a fee of 25 € we will take care of its complete review to finally process it if it is correct or, to fully recalculate your Income Statement 2019 if it was wrong in which case the amount paid will be discounted from our final price.

2. Processing Income Statement and Heritage 2019

If you do not have or cannot have Draft Income 2019, either in person or online once you have contacted CELMA ASSESSORS, by phone or through the web form, we will obtain with your consent the 2019 tax data for, from them and from the study of your personal situation, activity economic and financial, jointly analyze the best solution of all possible and, all from a quota of only 50 €. *

Once all the necessary documentation has been collected by CELMA ASSESSORS, by way of example, some of the documents to be provided are highlighted, the calculation of your Income and / or Wealth Declaration 2019 will be made for, finally and with your approval , proceed to its final electronic processing, giving it a supporting copy of it and returning all the original documentation used.

* Basic individual income earned income only.

required to provide documentation:

Personal information

  • Identity Card (NIF, NIE) of all members of the household.
  • Fiscal Data 2019.
  • Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018, Value box 505 Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 and in case it has not been processed by the taxpayer's Bank Account.

NOTE: This last information is not necessary for clients who have made the 2018 Income Statement with CELMA ASSESSORS.

Personal circumstances

  • Personal situation of all members of the household.
  • Changes in family status produced during 2019: separations, divorces, widowhood, death, birth and / or adoption, coexistence of descendants and / or ascendants...
  • Certifications disability, retirement, illness, Underwriters.


  • Certifications earned income.
  • Capital gains and certifications.
  • Rental income certifications.
  • Performance records and certifications Economic Activities.
  • Capital gains.

Habitual housing

  • Scriptures acquisition, construction or adaptation for the disabled.
  • Certification mortgage.
  • Lease contract fees and satisfied.

Donations, Food Annuity, Double Taxation ...

We know how to help. Please contact CELMA ASSESSORS now and tell you what we can do for you.